At a young age, I developed a love for fashion and style. I discovered there was a direct correlation between the way I dressed, and how I felt about myself. 
I grew up competing in the Miss America Pageant System and modeling for numerous boutiques and designers which ignited that passion even more. 

I realized that I wanted to share that love of fashion and style with others and so the dream became Sami Anne Clothing.  
My style is fashion for the everyday girl, and the goal is to give you that extra little boost of confidence you need. You know that feeling when you hate your outfit and feel defeated the rest of the day. I want to fix that because we have all been there. I don't want your outfit to be the cause for any bad day. I want to make sure when you go home with a dress, or top from Sami Anne Clothing that you feel good in it. That you feel like you are able to give your very best self to anyone you meet, or in any situation you are walking in to and I truly believe that the clothes you wear make that little difference. 

My hope has always been that through my style, all girls no matter what age will enjoy a life of dressing well, feeling well and doing well.